Sensitive information of millions of US consumers’ was exposed in a recent data breach at Equifax, one of the country’s three major credit reporting agencies.

What Should You Do Now?

Protect your information from being used by hackers by following these steps:

  • Find out if your information was exposed. Visit Equifax’s website,
  • Whether your information was exposed or not, consumers in the US can get a year of free credit monitoring at the site above.
  • Check your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion (for free) at Activity you don’t recognize could indicate identity theft. Visit to learn what to do next OR call Moneta Intelligence Group for more advice.
  • A credit freeze could be an option. It makes it difficult for people to open new accounts in your name. However, a freeze doesn’t prevent a hacker from making charges to existing accounts.
  • Be sure to monitor your credit card and bank accounts carefully.

What Happened?

According to information provided by Equifax, the breach lasted from the middle of May through July 2017. Hacked information include consumers’ names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, and in some instances, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers and other sensitive data.