Inspections, Audits & Quality Control

  • Are you worried your employees are cutting corners in a way that will put your business reputation and quality levels at risk?

  • Do you suspect that your employees are using your facilities for potentially illegal activities?

  • Do you believe that your organizational policies are being violated and you would like tangible evidence to know what is really going on?

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Whether your business is a sports organization, hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, retailer, or laboratory, you know that the smallest violation or employee mishap can set your business back by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our  investigators will perform undercover inspections at your facilities. We are highly adaptable and pride ourselves on taking a unique approach for each situation and business.  All inspections are videotaped and followed by a full, written report.

Restaurants.  You know what can happen if the government finds you in default.  You may go from a Grade A to a Grade B, and go from making hundreds of thousands of dollars to losing that amount in a short period of time.

Hotels/Hospitality.  Busy schedules make it difficult for you to make sure your employees are following your standards to keep your business competitive and in compliance with today’s stringent rules and regulations.