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Sexual Harassment Investigation

In retaliation to a reprimand, a communications company employee accused her employer of sexual harassment. Moneta:

  • Interviewed employees and witnesses
  • Prepared a formal report for the Board of Directors
  • Developed HR policies
  • Testified in the court action


Investigation of Missing Funds

Nearly $1 million was stolen from a high net worth individual's account in Latin America. Moneta:

  • Successfully traced the funds to specific accounts in New York Paraguay
  • Identified the fraudsters
  • Provided counsel with information necessary to commence legal proceedings

International Asset Search 

An investor group lost more than $5 million with a high-profile asset manager. Moneta:

  • Found the asset manager's investment funds in the Cayman Islands
  • Located significant assets throughout the U.S.
  • Enabled the investors to recoup their losses


Competitive Intelligence Investigation

A major Japanese trading company wanted to purchase a known U.S. competitor. Moneta:

  • Identified the competitor's key players
  • Determined whether the competitor would consider a joint venture
  • Helped the client structure an informed first approach to its competitor