Investigative Services

When you suspect that something is not quite right with a sensitive situation, a timely and effective investigation can uncover potential problems before they become expensive embarrassments.

  • Do you suspect your broker, business partner or employee of embezzlement, fraud, collusion or other misconduct?

  • Do you feel that there is something not quite right with a person or situation in your personal life or at work?

Our investigators have significant experience uncovering and exposing overlooked or concealed facts, including breaches of fiduciary duties, conflicts of interest, internal/external vendor collusion, kick back schemes and integrity breaches.

Our team is trained to get to the bottom of suspicious activity, whether that means putting our forensic accounting and auditing skills to work to dig into the details of financial documents to understand where the money went, to investigating securities fraud, or carrying out investigations into current employees.  We have stepped into internal corporate investigations to help uncover evidence of embezzlement, kickbacks and have investigated illegal activities being carried out at clients' organization. We are masters at locating people, investigating property theft, surveillance and even carrying out bug sweeps. We are especially known for our capability handling special projects where you need someone to help uncover what is really going on and then help with legal prosecution, and developing protocols to make sure it never happens again.