Corporate Security and Planning

We work with you to mitigate the risks of external and internal threats to your organization, your family or yourself.

  •  Members of your organization are traveling to parts of the world where their physical security will be under constant threat.

  • You suspect an employee of committing a crime and you want an internal investigation that will put you in a solid legal position if your suspicions are confirmed.

  • You just discovered that a current employee has a history of fraud. What are your next steps to keep your organization safe?

  • You just suffered a severe security breach and need a strategic security review and plans put in place to protect yourself, your organization and your employees from a recurrence.   

Our security team takes a three-part approach to keeping you and your organization safe.  We believe in the importance of carrying out threat assessments, followed by strategic risk mitigation/planning, and finally, security implementation.  

We conduct threat and risk assessments for individuals, families, organizations and their key employees and executives to ensure that we are capturing the most salient threats given the situation. Second, we work with you to create a strategic safety plan to mitigate identified risks and vulnerabilities. Finally, we work with your staff to make sure they have the training they need to keep your physical site safe, your employees secure or you and your family safe.  We also provide protection detail and security coordination for any level of travel, as well as work to optimize transportation for high levels of safety and protection.